Learn Why An IRA Rescue Strategy Does Not Work

Need Help?

The bi-product of rolling out consumer protection sites is that people surfing the site invariably have questions they want/need answers to.

If you have questions on anything to do with the topic listed below or covered in my six books, you should feel free to e-mail me at roccy@retiringwithoutrisk.com or call me direct at 269-216-9978.

What kind of question do I typically receive?

-Questions about schemes people have been pitched (like IRA Rescue and many others).
-Question about schemes people have unfortunately already purchased.
-Questions about how to sue advisors who’ve sold readers schemes they wish they hadn’t.
-Question on the following (the list is not exhaustive):

-Reducing taxes (income, capital gains, or estate)
-Avoiding risk in the stock market
-How to build wealth in a 100% tax-free manner
-How to generate a guaranteed investment return
-How to generate a guaranteed income stream that can never be outlived
-How to protect against long-term care costs
-How to deal with Medicaid spendown and/or recovery
-How to protect assets from creditors

The fact of the matter is that my background is quite diverse. Because of this and the fact that I have some of the top minds in several different fields on the Wealth Preservation Institute’s educational board, it’s rare for me to receive a question from someone in need of help that I can’t answer or find the answer to.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have a question. I typically sit at my desk all day long doing research and helping the advisors I work with. A call or e-mail from a consumer surfing this site will be a welcome change from my normal work day.